Hi. I’m Pat. Let me introduce you to the Smart Podcast Player

I built the player I always wanted.
Now you can have it too.

The Awesome Audio Experience You and Your Listeners Crave
Full Player
Binge listening made easy
The Smart Podcast Player is the only customizable web-based player designed to make binge listening easy—while keeping listeners on your website.
Track Player
Highlight each episode
While the full player puts the focus on your archive, the individual player—we call it the Smart Track Player—allows you to highlight one specific podcast episode, song, or sound clip.
Sticky Player
Make it stick, top or bottom
The Sticky Player is designed to stick to the top or bottom of your website, highlighting your most recent track. Wherever a visitor scrolls on that page, the Sticky Player will follow!

Sticky Player

Smart Podcast Player is the ONLY podcast player that allows you to capture your listeners’ email addresses
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Smart Podcast Player Screenshot
Smart Features That Deliver the Goods
We’ve designed a smart set of features that allow your listeners to interact with the player, from downloading tracks to sharing on their preferred social networks.
Entice listeners to sign-up for your email newsletter.
Match the player to your website’s color scheme.
Visitors can share your podcast straight to social.
Listen faster! Multiple speeds available.
Choose the color theme that fits your website.
Download podcast tracks straight from the player.
Automatically adjusts for mobile viewers.
Display the newest episode first—or oldest first.
Find the exact moment in the track upon hover.
Works like a dream on any device, anywhere
The Smart Podcast Player has a built-in mobile player, adjusting automatically to fit cell phones and tablets.
Curious How the Player Works? Here’s the TL;DR Version
Step One:
Install the Plugin on WordPress

When you purchase the plugin, you’ll receive a zip file to download. Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress panel to upload it.

Step Two:
Add in Your RSS Feed

Follow our Getting Started series, which shows you where to find your podcast’s RSS feed, whether you’re using the feed from your host or a custom feed set up on your site.

Step Three:
Customize The Player

Our Getting Started series will show you how to customize the appearance of your player, including matching your site’s colors, adding your podcast cover image, and much more.

Step Four:
Add the Player to Pages and Posts

The Smart Podcast Player gets added in using [shortcodes]. We have two handy shortcode builders: one for the full player and one for the individual track player.

Works Only With WordPress
The Smart Podcast Player is designed specifically for self-hosted WordPress websites. It is not compatible with other platforms or WordPress.com sites.
Compatible Across Browsers
We test our player for compatibility across current versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.
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