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We offer two pricing options to fit your stage of your podcast journey.
Best Value
Billed annually
Most Flexible
Billed monthly
Both Include:
Smart Podcast Player — displays unlimited episodes
Smart Track Player
Image customization
Email capture
Download button
Social sharing buttons
Color customization
Email support
Plugin updates
Speed control button

All purchases of the Smart Podcast Player are for a single site license of the software. The purchase of multiple licenses is now available at checkout. All paid subscription plans can be cancelled at any time.

Talk to a Human

Do you have a question about the Smart Podcast Player? In addition to our support center, we offer email support to all paid users of the Smart Podcast Player, Monday–Friday.

These fine people—Non, Eric, and Mindy—will help to solve your problems.

Common Questions
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  • Getting Started
  • Tech Support
  • Pricing
Can I install this on my non-WordPress website?

No. The Smart Podcast Player is a plugin uniquely designed for WordPress websites only, which means it won’t work on Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, or any other non-WordPress site.

I have multiple podcasts. Can I use the same plugin for multiple podcasts?

Yes! As long as it’s on the same WordPress installation, you can use the same SPP license for as many podcasts. If you have multiple websites, however, you would be required to purchase a different license for each website.

Is there an affiliate program for the Smart Podcast Player?

There is currently a very limited affiliate program for podcasters Pat knows personally, but we do not offer a general affiliate program. If that changes, though, we’ll be sure to let you know!

This is my first podcast. What do I need to know?

Welcome to podcasting! You’re in a delightful realm. Before you download SPP, we recommend you check out Pat’s tutorial at PodcastingTutorial.com.

What's the difference between the full player and the track player?

We offer two player options: the full player and the track player, which you can learn more about here: http://support.smartpodcastplayer.com/article/51-getting-started-3-using-the-smart-podcast-player

Getting Started
How do I install my player?

Player installation will take you about an hour to complete, and we’ve created a series of videos to walk you through the entire process. You can find that series of videos here: http://support.smartpodcastplayer.com/category/42-getting-started

How do I find my RSS feed?

Your RSS feed is different based on where you’ve published your podcast (iTunes, Libsyn, etc.). Learn more about finding your RSS feed here: http://support.smartpodcastplayer.com/article/44-finding-your-rss-feed-without-itunes

Can I customize my player?

Yes, you can absolutely customize your player in a number of different ways, including highlight colors, subscription options, and share options. Learn more here: http://support.smartpodcastplayer.com/article/91-start-here-customize-the-smart-podcast-player

Where can I learn about the player's features?

Visit our support library at support.smartpodcastplayer.com for lots of in-depth tutorials.

Tech Support
How do I upgrade my plugin?

You can upgrade your plugin directly from your WordPress panel. Follow the instructions in this support article: http://support.smartpodcastplayer.com/article/74-how-do-i-upgrade-my-plugin

I'm having trouble with my plugin. How can I get help?

Check out our support library at support.smartpodcastplayer.com or email us at support@smartpodcastplayer.com.

Can I upgrade from monthly to annual billing?

Yes! You can email us at support@smartpodcastplayer.com to request an upgrade.

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